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1g Per Strand Nano Ring Human Hair Extensions 5A Grade (Silky Straight)


TMHAIR Brand is excited to introduce to you one of the biggest developments in hair extensions for years, Everyone wants a hair extension system that is virtually undetectable in the hair - well now it is here! … Nano Ring hair extensions!!
Nano ring hair extensions are 90% smaller than your average ‘Micro Ring’ hair extensions and no heat, no glue or sewing is required to hold these in place!
Nano Ring Hair Extensions is THE biggest thing in hair extensions for years!

20" 0.8g 5A Grade 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions With Free Nano Beads!
Our Nano Ring Extensions are 5A Grade 100% Remy Human Hair, so there is no tangling or matting.
These are tiny, undetectable and can be used on all hair types.
Each extension weighs 1g per strand of natural hair, giving that extra thickness to create volume and natural looks.

Each bundle is made up of 25strands and each strand is 20" and 1g silky straight. You will need approximately 100-175strands for a full head, depending on the client's hair and the volume they are looking to achieve.

The extensions can be dyed to your desired colour, coiled/curled or straightened without fear of it getting damaged. All our hair extensions are "Heat-Friendly".

Only TMHAIR Brand highest quality ‘Virgin Russian Remy 5A Grade’ hair is used for these. ‘Remy’ means the hair strands are facing the same direction from root to tip and this prevents the hair from tangling – you can spot Non- Remy hair by tiny black dots on the ends of the hair which represent the root of the hair from the head. TMHAIR Brand hair is also DOUBLE.
The life expectancy of the hair is between 6-12months depending on the care and frequency of washing and heat styling. Maintenance will always be required on your hair extensions. Check our maintenance tip.
Only a trained and qualified hair extension specialist is recommended to fit the nano ring extensions and usually takes about 2-3 hours to fit a full head depending on the amount of hair you will be attaching.