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TMHAIR Brand Maintenance/Care Instructions

As all our hair is 100% human hair, they can be coloured, curled/coiled or straightened. However, extreme colouring and heat is not recommended. All colouring is at your own discretion and extreme heat must be accompanied with heat protection treatment.  We cannot accept any liability for hair colouring gone wrong. Always carry out a strand test prior to colouring/silver shampooing the hair to ensure the hair goes the colour you require and the quality of the hair is not compromised.



When brushing your hair extensions, it is important to hold the bonds in your hand to support them, this prevents excess tugging on the extensions, then brush from the bottom/tip and work your way upwards.

The recommended hair brush to use is the Tangle Teezers, these are designed specifically to ensure your bonds are not tugged on.



Try not to brush your hair extensions when they are wet or damp and only wash your hair extensions once or twice a week.  Detangling the hair and separating your hair extensions is highly recommended before washing. During shampooing it is important to get between hair extensions to scrub your scalp. Avoid rubbing the lengths of your hair together when washing; instead gently slide the shampoo down the hair. It is important to condition the hair but we suggest only conditioning the ends of your hair as conditioner can seriously weaken the bonds. As your natural hair begins to grow beneath the bonds will need to be separated regularly to prevent them matting at the root.

Try to wash your hair upright, preferably under a shower.




Use a heat protection spray or serum on the hair whilst damp. You can use heat appliances on your hair for styling but keep the heat away from your bonds to avoid melting them. Before going to bed (no matter how tired you are), always remember to brush your extensions and put them in a ponytail or loose plait.

Always dry the hair properly before sleeping,  

When using sun beds, we recommend covering your hair extensions with a towel to protect the hair and bonds. Avoid chlorine whilst on holiday and if your hair comes into contact with any chlorine, wash it immediately with clean water.


Whilst Swimming can be done, it is recommended that you

tie your hair up on top of your head and avoid going underwater.



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